The Athletic Environmental Chamber is specifically design for athletic training which request the CO2 , O2 control inside the environmental chamber.    It is suitable for sports and science investigation.

The chamber can stimulate different kinds of weather for athletic to do the training & exercise inside, with temperature range from -40 to 40C and humidity from 20 to 99%RH.   

It also has the feature of being able to simulate low oxygen levels such as those found at altitude.  This is achieved by introducing a measured quantity of nitrogen into the atmosphere, which lowers the percentage of oxygen present.

Chamber Material / Dimension

  • Panel: Polyurethane sandwich panel, any size can be available as requested
  • Material: with both stainless steel interior and exterior
  • Floor: Non-slipping Epoxy Floor


  • With temperature & humidity control
  • With CO2 control (by CO2 control system)
  • With O2 control (by hypoxic unit)
  • With light control (by solar lamps)
  • With wind speed control (by special design of ventilation)
  • With snow  (by snow machine)
  • With rain control


  • LCD Touch Screen Controller
  • Multi-display of reading such as O2, CO2, Temperature & Humidity
  • Sensors: non-drift O2 sensors,  digital humidity probe, PT100 and CO2 sensor
  • With Windows
  • With Cable Ports
  • With Waterproof Lamps 
  • With Waterproof socket and data ports
  • Safety Control System
  • Transfer Door
  • Intercom
  • CCTV
  • HEPA filter and active carbon filter
  • Ventilation with Fresh Air control
  • Non-Slip and insulated floor
  • Mirror
  • Fresh Air Control System
  • UPS 
  • Datalogger with real time display of reading

Optional Accessories

Job references

  • Hong Kong Sports Insitutes
  • Hong Kong Baptish University
  • Singapore Sports Institutes
  • Malaysia Sports Institutes
  • Singapore Defense Office
  • Malaysia Sports Institutes etc


  • Hong Kong Sports Institute is now using our athletic chamber for their athletics training.  With temperature, humidity and CO2 control.

  • Malaysia Sports Institutes is using our athletic chamber with temp/humidity control, hypoxic control, solar, wind and CO2 control

  • Singapore Sports Institutes is using our athletic chamber with temp/humidity control, hypoxic control, wind and CO2 control

  • Singapore Defence Office is using our athletic chamber with temp/humidity control, solar, wind and CO2 control


  • Hong Kong Baptish University is using our hypoxic chamber  



    • Malaysia Sports Institutes is using our hypoxic chamber  


    • Hong Kong Sport Institutes is using our hypoxic sleeping rooms and hypoxic chamber  ... etc



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